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Mongolian Named Entity Recognition

Mongolian Named Entity Recognition (Монгол Хэлний Оноосон нэр олох программ) is subfield of Natural Language Processing.
Mongolian NER


Graduation Projects :)

Hello there,

Today I would like to introduce two of my projects. One of them is my computer project and another one is my senior project. I finished them during my last semester of my university.
Computer project:

The program name is Question Banking program. This program application helps to teachers to make their question easily. The project is done by Java Programming Language.



Senior Project:

My Senior project’s topic was Mongolian Named Entity Recognition (NER). Named Entity Recognition is sub field of Natural Language Processing. And also this is recognizing proper names such as person, location and organization names, numerical values. This kind of study was done for a lot of languages. But this project was first time for Mongolian. I used one of the popular method which is called rule based method for Mongolian NER. Also this project was written by Java Programming Language.


Processing-ээр өнгө өнгийн бөмбөг хийх гэж оролдов. Trying to make a game project with Processing

One of my class project was creating a game.

This game is written by Processing.

There are balls and on top of them color names. If color of the ball and name of the color matches, player should press on that by that way ball will popped out.  If player press 5 wrong ball, the game will be over. Otherwise if the player will find all the correct balls, the player will be winner.


dadlaga – дадлагын ажил – internship – staj

Удаан хугацаанд мартсаны эцэст өнөөдрөөс эхлэн блогоо хөтлөж эхлэе гэж бодлоо.

Өнөөдөр 2011 оны 1 сарын 28ний баасан гариг

Сая 2009 онд хийсэн дадлагын ажлын дэвтрээ бүтнээр нь хуулж орууллаа. Блог хэрэглэж сураагүй хүнд хэцүү юм байна шүү хэхэ

Here are my internship which I did at Workcube E-Business Inc in Istanbul Turkey in 2009.
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